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About us

Gemperli Mediation is an entity of Gemperli Consulting Sàrl, a family business founded in 2007. Pascal Gemperli, its founder, practices mediation since 2005, he is accredited by various institutions as well as sworn under oath by the cantonal courts of Vaud, Fribourg, and Geneva. We conduct about 20 mediation processes a year, of which we conclude about 80% with an agreement.

B2B mediation

B2B mediation: an effective way to find «business-solutions» to your disagreements and to preserve relationships with your partners.

B2B mediation concerns conflicts between companies, associations, public actors in a partnership, buyers-suppliers, or any other kind of bi- or multilateral relations.

The purpose of our intervention is engaging in a quick and inexpensive solution and maintaining the relationship. Rather than investing in conflict management, we support you in finding «business-solutions» that will allow you to quickly leave the vicious circle and focus on the essential: your business.

To do this, we apply tools such as evaluative mediation or “mediator’s proposal”

International family mediation, Child abduction, Hague procedure

More than 350,000 binational marriages are celebrated each year in Europe and this trend is growing. At the same time, the number of separations and divorces amounts to 170,000 per year, often in a complicated emotional and administrative context. Regularly, one of the parents returns to his or her country of origin with the common child, sometimes without the authorization of the other parent.

Legally speaking, that parent commits child abduction without necessarily being aware of it. If the Hague Convention is applied, the child is normally returned to his or her country of habitual residence through an expedited procedure. However, depending on the countries involved, this procedure is not working satisfactorily and cannot resolve issues concerning the medium and long-term interests of children and parents.

Through international family mediation, parents can find common ground and reach amicable agreements that consider their respective needs and those of the children. These mediation agreements are in principle approved by the Hague judge, so the parents remain master of their own fate rather than letting the justice decide at their place.

Our accreditations

We are accredited by various organizations such as


CMI: International Mediation Institute

Cross Border Family Mediators

MIKK: International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction